Ghost Wolves

Sergeant's Debrief 3

Sergeant Desario's Notes and Observations

Mission: To escape Meech

Uneventful 2 days as we get back to Meech. Arrive in town only to find we are too late to speak with 12th legion. 12th has new orders and left South for Lyre.

Spoke with dwarf Sergeant Grimwald to get a meeting with officers for a debrief. We were told to wait at the Sleeping Dog. Group uses this time for an hour of R&R as well as intel and supply gathering.

Sold enemy horses for a nice profit.

In Meech commander’s name is Perulo. Captain under him is Anron, tall and thin man. Also accompanying him is Lieutenant Rellin.

We are accompanied to a waiting room and asked to be relieved of our weapons. This is the first time I feel there is doubt. I go along with it, but whisper to Bran to keep a watchful eye out.

Taken to commander’s office. We then debrief Commander on what happened in Morn. Commander takes this in and explains that a treaty has already been made with Harn’s people, and that since Morn was a massacre, the public story is simply that the 9th Co. and 4th legion were going rogue against the treaty and were neutralized.

Since we are the only witnesses to what actually happened, this becomes a problem for the Imperium. He advises us to never speak of the truth about Morn again and live out the rest of our military lives with a decent stipend. Otherwise he is going to execute us.

We are given some time to conference to decide what to do.

What the actual fuck?

After a brief discussion my men come to 2 conclusions.

1. Commander Perulo is going to kill us no matter what.
2. We need to escape Meech.

We speak with Perulo again and tell him we accept the deal. He is delighted and begins setting up a transfer for us to go New Lyre, where we will be given new assignments. We are escorted back to a locked waiting room.

After much planning on the escape, Bran convinces the guards to let us go. Damnedest thing I ever saw. He just knocks on the door and sweet talks them into realizing our situation is fucked up and we need to escape. They go along with it. Good men. If we ever get the truth out about what happened I will put both of them up for accommodations.

During our escape we meet up with sergeant Grimwald. He helps us, explaining that he had a brother in the 4th and the story the commander said about betrayal sounded completely false.

He sets us up with some supplies and gets us our horses. We’re able to leave Meech under disguise of guards and go to a farmhouse where a loyal civilian named Hammoth will hold us up for a few days.

Now we need to figure out where to go. Who do we talk to? How do we clear our names? What is with this conspiracy against the 4th legion? Why was the siege on Morn a trap? Numerous questions still to answer.


Did find out more about the Blue Lady at the Morn massacre. She is a Skairn, barbaric tribe to the North that follows old customs.



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