Ghost Wolves

Poor Bran

As always, I am often reminded while traveling with this crew, the nights in old taverns, and star-filled skies above campfires, are greatly outweighed by the fights and travails that come with the territory of being outcast adventurers.

We reached Dunnitch with a minimum of trouble, espying only the fabled Whispering Cairn, on our route. But as we left the town and neared the forests below the Shield Mountains we met once again, another traveling pack of the Bloodclaw Canids. We wiped them out, as we always do, but I knew this wasn't the last of them we would see. My fears were soon made reality.

After a peaceful rest in the settlement where we delivered the goods and news to Captain Calder Nyle, we returned to the scene of the Canid attack from the previous day in order to find the refuge of the Bloodclaws. I spied a crumbling tower in the distance and Zadok and I scouted the perimeter to find the best possible point for the Ghost Wolves to break in an take them out. We were found by a scouts, but their teeth and claws were no match for Zadok's fists. Finally we reconvened, approached their keep from the back, climbed the hill on which their fort was built and began our attack.

These Canids are strong and driven by some evil force which makes them seem almost impossible to defeat. My sleight figure is no match for their attacks, and when 2 catch me alone while attempting to scout the area, I am forced to vanish in order to escape. I only hope Ambrose and Sparrow will help me while I hide here in the ruins watching the terror unfold...

--Bran Harvish



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