Ghost Wolves

Ambrose's Journal Excerpt

I am the Bat...

I certainly have my work cut out for me travelling with this group. It seems no sooner did we leave Colm, that we were attacked by a pack of Caenids. Foul little creatures they may be, these folk have no regard for them at all. We dispatched all of the hostiles, save for one of their leaders. We attempted to question it to find out more about the clan that seems to have gotten a bloodlust. I don't know what kind of bugs these people are used to dealing with, but they must love vinegar. Granted the Caenids attacked us unprovoked, but even after so handily defeating them, Desario was unforgiving. Ben and I had our misgivings about killing our captive, the others felt it better to put him out of his misery. Despite how I feel about the issue I was outnumbered and I'm not trusted enough to stir up internal conflict. I can only hope something will make them realize that they are acting almost as barbaric as the Caenids. Perhaps I am too judgemental. I have only been traveling with them for a few weeks. Most of the time being spent travelling. I may yet see their true character, or learn why they despise these pathetic creatures so. After reaching Fort Thorn, we met with a man of great influence. He apparently had no intention of ever receiving the supplies we brought back. Has was elated and paid us what he could for the supplies. The money was nice, put us up for the night, but the real treasure was making headway in obtaining the Charter. We offered to take care of the camp of Bloodclaw we... discovered. He seemed happy at this. When we arrived to the general location of the holdout, Bran scouted ahead and told us of the ruin of an old fort that the Caenids have taken up in. He discovered many points of entry and apparently he and Zadok have made the first steps toward routing them. Tonight we ambush them.



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