Harper's Ford


Harper’s Ford is a small town in the southeastern Dale Lands of about 1300 people. It sits on the banks of the Silverrun River, not far from the edge of the Deepwood Forest. The main road from the Dale Lands to Drake and beyond runs through the center of town, providing ample trade and prosperity. Farming, textiles and honey related goods are the main products of Harper’s Ford, and find their way to the larger cities all over Aerne.

Harper’s Ford is also the home to the Deepwood Wardens, the Dale Wardens who patrol the southeast of the Dale Lands. The town is run by a mayor, appointed by the Duke of Colm. The current Mayor is Tamara Del’Wylith, a half-elf. The town also has its own sheriff, Conald Galgrim, who keeps the peace within Harper’s Ford itself.

Notable locations include the Gallowglass Inn, run by a Fomor ex-adventurer; the Hall of the Hunter, which is the local temple, overseen by Brynwyth, priestess of Erestil; Oakenshield’s Mercantile, a general goods store run by a dwarven merchant named Torvald Oakenshield; Mother’s Herbs and Apothecary, owned and operated by Adna Frost; and the Wild Goose tavern, a raucous local hang out.

Harper's Ford

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