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The Fey are a primordial race who inhabit the First World, as well as some of the most ancient parts of the Second world. They are the ancestors of Gnomes and Elves. Generally considered capricious, mischievous and fickle, the Fey are treated with both respect and fear by mortals.

While no one can be said to rule over all Fey or the First World, there are those entities who are powerful and ancient enough to command respect and obedience from other Fey and even the land itself. The so called Eldest, or Fey Lords, guide the First World and it’s inhabitants, and send out emissaries to the Second World. They rule from two distinct Courts of the Fey Lords, the Summer Court and the Winter Court. While these Courts are named for two of the seasons, the actual time of their ascendance varies. It is their power that grows according to the seasons.

The Summer Court
The Stag Lord rules the Summer Court, a creature with a humanoid torso, the lower body of an great buck, and who sprouts a pair of antlers that circle his head like a crown. It’s power is weakest in winter, but the Summer Court has held the ascendency for nearly 500 years. While it is predominantly good aligned, there are members of the Summer Court who are most decidedly evil. These Fey are bloodthirsty and temperamental, representing the worst of summer’s characteristics.

The Winter Court

The Winter Court is ruled by the Frost Queen, who’s skin appears flawless and white, as if she were almost ice herself. The Queen of Frost herself is cold and callous – though she is not cruel without reason, there is no pity, no mercy, in the heart of winter. The Winter Court is, of course, strongest in winter, but hasn’t held supremacy in the First World in hundreds of years. While it is predominately neutral aligned, a high amount of Winter Court Fey are evil. They are sadistic and cruel, representing the worst of winter’s characteristics. Some Winter Court Fey are good aligned, if only a few. They are cheery, red nosed fey, representing the winter hearth, a jolly Midwinter’s Eve feast, or a hopeful new year.

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