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Druskeden is a dwarven enclave located in the Frost Peak Mountains. It was once, long agao, a large and prosperous city. Much was lost, though, during the Fall of Dal’Riada. Most of the deeper sections were cut off by the extreme seismic activity that accompanied the Doom. After that, it was a steady decline, fueled by greed and hunger for power. The enclave’s ruling class cared more for personal wealth and security than it did for the overall well being of the city. Mired in clan feuds, power grabs, and conspiracies, Druskeden’s leaders all but drove the enclave to ruin.

After generations of cronyism and corruption among the ruling class, the clergy of Torag had had enough. With the help of sympathetic military leaders, the priests ousted the city leaders and took power. Espousing hard work and toil, the worship of Torag above all others, and a general isolationist view of the world, the new Theocracy installed it’s own council. Seats went to hand picked guild masters, military commanders, and, of course, the priesthood.

Now Druskeden is a strict, highly pious society. Crime is almost unheard of, non-dwarven and arcane magic is viewed with suspicion, and outsiders are encouraged to stay outside. Most of Druskeden’s citizens are tight lipped and wary. Trade with the outside world has dwindled to just a few merchants.

A year and a half ago an earthquake tore through the mountains, and much of lower Druskeden was ruined. Even worse, tunnels to forgotten parts of the mountains were reopened. The dwarves have been fighting a two pronged battle ever since, trying to clear the tunnels of debris on one hand, and fighting off creatures of the deep earth on the other.


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