Dale Lands

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North of Argent Falls, and the rocky escarpment over which it plunges, lies the Dale Lands. Located in the broad Highwater river valley and framed on the east and west by mountains and deep forests, the Dale Lands consist of fertile fields, rugged hills, lakes and winding streams.

Dalelanders are a hard working, self reliant people. Farmers, woodsmen, miners, fishers and craftspeople all make a living off the Dales. They are a people deeply connected with the land itself.

The main hub of the Dale Lands is Colm. It is the largest town in the Dales and seat of the Duke of Colm, protector of the Dale Lands, Berrik Stone. To the west of Colm, on the banks of the Silverrun River, is Harper’s Ford. The second largest town in the Dale Lands, Harper’s Ford is a thriving community sitting on the West Road to Drake and beyond. It is also the home of the Deepwood Wardens, the Dale Wardens in charge of patrolling the southwest Dale Lands. Northeast of Colm, where the Boarwood meets the shore of Lake Page, sits Evermoor, the third largest town in the Dales. It’s livelihood comes from fishing the large lake, ore from the mountains, and timber form the Boarwood. Evermoor is also the gateway to the northern Lothian Forest, and its communities of Elves and Fey. Far to the north, where the Shield Mountains taper out into the barrowlands, the walled fortress of Highgate clings tightly to a stony outcropping of the mountains. Home to Harl Ehrlan Dorn, Commander of the Northwardens, and bitter rival of Duke Berrik, Highgate watches the North Road and the barrowlands for signs of aggression toward the Dale Lands. A small town huddles up against Highgate’s walls, subsisting off of mining the mountains, providing services to the fortress, and trading with travelers on the North Road.

Along the western edge of the Dales, beneath the towering Shield Mountains, the Deepwood Forest stretches north, halfway up the length of the Dale Lands. The Deep Wood is home to the Elves of Ithalian, as well as treants, fey and other wild creatures. North of the Deepwood is the eastern entrance to the one pass between the Dale Lands and the Vales to the west. The pass makes its way through a deep valley known as the Bloodsworn Vale, home to a joint garrison of Dale Wardens and Green Rangers from the Vales. North of the Bloodsworn Pass is an old forest once connected to the Deepwood to the south. The Dunwood is a foul and corrupted place, full of twisted trees and fell creatures. The source of the poison in these woods is unknown, but it is whispered that deep within the Dunwood there is a ruined tower that emanates evil.

East of Colm the land rises into the foot hills of the mountains known as the Teeth. These forested hills and mountains are home to all manner of beasts, as well as tribes of goblins and other savage humanoids. North of the Teeth, stretching all the way to the Frost Peaks, is the Forest of Lothian. Almost as wide as it is long, the Lothian Forest is an ancient, sacred wood. The elven city of Avalyr is located in the depths of this forest, as are many fey and other mysterious creatures. Where the Lothian Forest meets the Frost Peaks and stretches west, it turns into the Boarwood. It is a dense, tangled forest populated by many wild animals, including many wild and dire boars, giving the forest its name.

The northern region of the Dale Lands is a no man’s land of broken, glacial moors and rugged downs. Many battles have been fought on these cragged plains, the fallen buried under rough cairns, piled rocks or just left to picked apart by crag vultures. It’s these various burial sites that give the area it’s name, the barrowlands. While it is technically part of the Dale Lands, it is little patrolled, and thus is home to all sorts of savage humanoids and even more savage beasts. Only the Skairn, the half wild, nomadic tribes of humans who call these parts home, could be considered anything close to civilization in the barrowlands.

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Dale Lands

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