Baravian Imperium

The Baravian Imperium is a huge, continent spanning empire covering much of the southern hemisphere. It got its start in the small kingdom of Baravia, a land long embroiled in petty feuds and wars with it’s equally petty neighbors. Some 135 years ago, a young noble named Kasrian rose to power and quickly took control of the kingdom through subterfuge and very little actual bloodshed. Kasrian restructured Baravia’s outdated military, forming what would become his Legions and after a brief period of consolidation, he turned his eyes to his neighbors. Baravian legions invaded and conquered nearby kingdom after nearby kingdom. Soon, Kasrian’s rule spanned nearly all of the continent. Again, focusing inward, a period of consolidation occurred. What emerged was the Baravian Imperium, led by now Emperor Kasrian I. Ever the shrewd tactition and diplomat, Kasrian, called the Cobalt Emperor, relied on cultural assimilation and stable economics to keep his new territories in line. In a strange paradox, Kasrian’s tactics were of a shocking, swift, violent conquest, followed by a peaceful, hands off attitude. Leaving the day to day governing to hand picked regional leaders, trusting in his newly implemented Imperial law and his choice of Governor, Kasrian could focus on the bigger picture of running the Imperium.

By the time of the Cobalt Emperor’s death 52 years later, the Imperium had expanded to include the entire continent and a few overseas holdings. The Baravian Legions held thousands of leagues of border and were an ever present threat to the Imperium’s neighbors. Kasrian’s successor, the Cerulean Emperor, Araech, was chosen from Kasrian’s Generals. Emperor Araech was a brilliant military leader, but lacked Kasrian’s tact and skill in diplomacy. His legions conquered many kingdoms and small nations, but these new territories were restless under his rule. The Cerulean Emperor died in his 11th year of rule, putting down a rebellion in Sereva.

Araech’s successor, Meneric, the Teal Emperor, focused inwardly during his long rule. Trade and prosperity were the order of the day for the 68 years Meneric was Emperor. What expansions he did make for the Imperium were on economic fronts. It was during this time that the Imperium’s involvement with the Tyrrius Consortium began. Four years ago, due to advanced age and failing health, Meneric died in his sleep, with no official heir. What followed was a frantic jockying for position and various power grabs amongst the nobles, generals and advisers of the old Emperor, each trying to take the throne for themselves.

One of the Imperium’s High Mages, a man known by the name Crane, managed to come out on top, after the bloody assassinations of many of his rivals for the throne. The expected successor, High Marshal Agier Karalt, surprisingly, didn’t fight Crane’s ascension to Emperor. Some feel Karalt was paid off, other believe he was intimidated into non-action. The truth is known only to Karalt, himself, but very likely lies in his unwavering loyalty to the Imperium as a whole. He knew that fighting Crane would tear his beloved Imperium in two, casting it down into civil war.

As the new Emperor, Crane has taken the title Azure Emperor. He has begun again the Imperium’s policy of expansion, sending the 5th Expeditionary Army to Aerne a year ago.

Baravian Imperium

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