9th Company

The Ghost Wolves (9th Company) are the shock troops, skirmishers and recon of the 4th Legion. While mostly light infantry, the 9th prides itself on its flexibility, and includes heavy infantry, archers, sapper and even mages in its ranks.

Led by Captain Ulric Barrion, a grizzled veteran called The Grey Wolf, The Old Wolf, or even just The Old Man. Capt. Barrion is supported by a staff of around 10, including 1st Lieutenant Hems Wist, Master Sergeant Pucker, Ensign Lt. Henning Stands, Quartermaster Sgt. Crumple, and other minor staff.

The rest of the 9th is comprised of two Fists of squads. The first, containing the 1st through 5th squads, is led by Lt. Davin Hurk and seconded by 1st Sergeant Bolts. 1st through 4th squads are light infantry and the 5th squad are heavies. The second fist, led by Lt. Anarion Fel’Anoth and 1st Sergeant Knocker, is made up of the 6th through 10th squads. 6th and 7th squads are light infantry, 8th squad are sappers, and 9th and 10th squads are recon and skirmishers.

Each squad is led by a sergeant and a corporal, ranks that are open to the PCs without any special feat or trait required.

9th Company

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