Ghost Wolves

Excerpt From Ambrose's Journal
Broken Swords: Newest Covenants

Having Dispatched with the Silver Horns, we return to Colm. It is fairly quiet back at base and we now plan our next goal: taking down the Covenant of the Coming Storm.

We figure our best way to take them down is from the inside out. Sparrow – being the most likely to blend in – has suggested that she go to a Covenant tavern and try to join their ranks, whilst we make bad examples of ourselves and cultures. It’s a little dishonorable to my ancestors, but why should I not be proud of my heritage. There is no shame in embracing it a little, I suppose.

Sure enough we have made prime examples of ourselves why humans should remain “pure” according to these backward people. Sparrow was happily brought into their fold.

Speaking of people being brought into the fold: it seems our notoriety has caught up with us in a good way for once! We have a follower now. His name is Conrad and he seems to be a great fit. This got me thinking that I should try and find someone to help me with the lab. I’m rarely home and many of my concoctions take some time to prepare.

I set out looking for someone to hire, and it wasn’t long until I found Kilik. He really is quite adept with the lab, and not only can he interpret my recipes, it seems he has a few ideas of his own that really are quite novel.

All in all, it seems that we really are carving a niche out here in Colm for ourselves. Perhaps one day we can retire in style. For now though, we have much work to do.

Excerot From Ambrose's Journal
The one that got away

It was an intense battle. Everything happened so fast, but in the heat of the moment it felt like hours.
The small army had given us little time to prepare ourselves with not only the fact of Belloc’s involvement in our problems with the Emperium, but the fact that they were here to collect our bounties…
After the initial volley of crossbow bolts that came at us, we launched our counter attack. Zadok, being fleet of foot, made his way into the melee and began throwing blows at our enemies. Unfortunately they weren’t catching them. Zadok became quickly surrounded and was receiving blows from left and right (as well as front and back). I had my first inclination that we were in over our heads when he hit the ground.
Kilja came in to cut a swath through their ranks, but she is just one combatant. She can only take on so many people at one time while having to advance on their positions. I fortunately had a few lightning bots prepared and let loose upon our foes, but they were much tougher than most of our enemies, they lived through a direct hit!
Bran managed to get a few bolts of his own off, and managed to subdue a couple fo them. You could sense the frustration of the Skairn Woman as she was helpless to move about, paralyzed by Bran’s Hold. Belloc too fared not much better. He was caught off guard by a hideous laughter, which gave everyone enough time to catch up to him and surround him.
Ben did manage to get one good blow in before Belloc clouded his mind to believe that fighting was not for him. It was an odd sight indeed.
Sparrow spent most of her time trying to get to a fallen Zadok, but let her spiritual Landeater occupy their mystic.
Once we finally got to Belloc he vanished. Fortunately for Kai, sight is overrated. He managed to locate Belloc for us and it was just a matter of time until he went down like the rest of his surly crew.
Kai saw him casting a spell and then he was hastily gone. An expeditious retreat that even Zadok coudln’t match pace with.
Zadok had an idea to burn the forest down to catch Belloc, but we fortunately stopped him before he could get any sparks going.
Belloc is a slippery one, but I’m sure we’ll meet him again soon… When we least expect it.

Excerpt from Ambrose's Journal
Silver Horns, Meet Broken Swords

The time has come. We are prepared. It is time to confront Belloc Nethertwixt and his band of surly men. It is a good thing that Ben and I have been to where they are hiding out. The Duke may be content with the Silver Horns being a group of outlaws, but we’re not. We have seen the thuggery they can express, and they’re none too happy with us.

We have arrived at the camp and it would seem that only one guard is posted this night. Ben, Bran, and Zadok went ahead to take care of him silently. They did their job well, perhaps a little too well. The man was begging for his life and Ben wanted to execute him. We had a moral qualm with it, but eventually it came to the point of putting him out of his misery, instead of letting him “live”.

We made it inside and Bran sneaked ahead to see what kind of resistance we could encounter. He saw a lone guard watching the hallway and made a lasting first impression. In about the time any of us knew what was going on, he loosed a bolt into the guard’s arm and thusly disarmed him… of his weapon…

There were many more willing to fight and we made short work of them. One did manage to run off, but we knew where he was going so we didn’t pursue him too fast. As soon as we reached the end of the cave we noticed that the man who ran off was gone. It was evident that he was hiding in the cave. We split up to find him and just as I looked behind a banner, to find him cowering in a hidden room, Ben and Sparrow found Belloc… and a small army.

We knew we were outnumbered and trapped in the cave, but we decided to face our fate like men. We confronted Belloc only to find that he is in league with the Consortium, and the Ghost Wolves’ old Skairn friend made an appearance. It appears tonight is a night for revenge, but who will be exacting it?

Excerpt From Ambrose's Journal
Wreck the Halls

We have decided to take action. The tree in the road will help to stop anybody from making their way to the encampment. Now we must wait, but the question is how long?

After two days and nights of waiting, we finally encountered a caravan bringing in a shipment of weapons to the camp.
Good thing I learned that spell! It’s the perfect cover.
Well it would have been if he knew anything about the job, but it would seem that we killed the contact.
It worked though! We were let in and they seem to be buying our story. Now we must wait and see if we can spring at the perfect moment.
The perfect moment seems to not be coming. We have been unloading these goods for quite a while, and now it seems like their boss has arrived to “supervise”
Whoa! Ben made the moment arrive. I don’t think any of them saw it coming, least of all the foreman.
We made quick work of the movers, and destroyed the cache.
As the others moved in to get at us I webbed up the entrance and let loose a swarm of bats to attack anyone who tried to enter.
It was nearly an hour before the spells began to dissipate and we found the camp empty.
Job complete, time to leave.
Something is coming down the mountainside… Oh no!

The supply camp

Though we had to wait 2 days, eventually a cart rolled up to our log blockade. Luckily the driver believed that Ambrose and I were scouts, but unluckily Sparrow laughed at my stumbling attempts to come up with a good story and the Cross Bow heard her chuckling from the tree line.

Before they moved in to attack, Ambrose, quick as lightning, cast Charm on the driver so that he wouldn’t run away or attack us. His companions though lost no time in jumping from the cart and coming straight for me. As the others ran out from the treeline, I tried to fight bravely, but I suffered 2 wounds from the attackers’ swords that I’m still aching from. But for all my trouble, they were killed quickly enough and Ambrose convinced Beldor, the driver, that all was well and that he should continue his route to the camp with the Broken Sword coming along.

We arrived at the campsite and were easily let in, thank goodness we spared Beldor’s life or else this journey would have been impossible. We worked our way past the walls and into the side of the mountain where a huge mine entrance had been carved away. Inside was everything they had been hoarding for months: cases and cases of food, armor, and weaponry; enough to feed and supply an army. Ben wasted no time in his attack. He went straight for the largest guard who stood waiting against the wall, and he never saw the kitana coming.

More guards came in at the sound of fighting, and they were dealt with accordingly. Beldar and the horses fled away from the swords and flames we lit to destroy the stores. We walked out the mine entrance and saw to our surprise that everyone had vanished. Some corpses lay here and there where Ambrose’s swarm had attacked, but otherwise the camp was deserted.

Suddenly, from behind us we heard a bellow. I looked over my shoulder and saw with dismay the sight of a large, lumbering Hill Giant coming straight for us. He leapt down from the crag on the mountain where he stood and landed on the wagon which splintered from the weight of his fall. Oh lord, I hope my crossbow bolts will fly straight and true: there’s no way I’m going anywhere near this brute.

—Bran Harvish

The road to Highgate

We are making our way to the camp south of Highgate this week. It feels good to be back on the road with the Broken Sword. We have enjoyed our stay in Colm, but like all good wanderers, we find ourselves unable to stay in one place for long. So we bid farewell to Crumple and Desario, and I kissed Rosie good-bye. Though I will miss her, she is a strong girl, and has much to attend to here in the city.

After 3 days we reached the city of Dunnitch. We gathered at the inn for rest and news, hoping to find some information concerning the camp. Though we heard nothing of supply stockpiling or devious doings of the Harl, we did hear some disturbing news from Evermoor. Apparently the humans are being attacked in their city, just as the Elves are being harassed in Colm. The racial hatred is unsettling, but it is no problem we can address at the moment.

After leaving Dunnitch Kilja spied some wagon tracks in the grass. It seemed as a good a path as any to follow. We know there must have been some deliveries to the camp, and anything that came from Colm had to have passed through here. We followed the tracks and camped that next night, only to be awoken by a pack of wolves in the middle of the night. The next day we couldn’t find the tracks again and were forced to camp near the Dunwood Forest: a place that none of us were eager to stay. It seems the easy travels of the past are behind us.

But by the next day we were back on track. We even found the camp finally when I spotted a thin trail of smoke rising from their campfire. Our plan is to highjack a delivery cart as it makes its way into the camp. It seems all we have to do is wait on the wagon trail that we have found and prepare for an ambush. There is talk amongst the company of many ideas that we could also do, but it seems practical to stay on this course. Hopefully a cart arrives soon or we’ll never make our way inside.

—Bran Harvish

Excerpt From Ambrose's Jornal
Too many Chiefs, not enough Skairn

We have decided to go and follow up on the intellegence that we were given. We spent a day getting ready and headed out of Colm towards High Gate.
We have stopped in Dunnich to gather some information from the locals, to see if they could shed any light on this mystery. We had learned that in the town of Evermore the opposite prejudice of that in Colm is being visited upon by the Humans by Elves. Covenant of the Coming Storm is, if nothing else, aptly named.
We continued North and asked local farmers if they had seen any strange caravans, but it seems that we are about the strangest thing they have seen in a while.
Kilja finally spotted tracks leading into the woods at about the area that we had guessed they would be. We are following them now.
We have found what appears to be the encampment that was mentioned, now all we have to do is find the next caravan, ambush them, and sneak in.
…Well that would have been great, but now we can’t decide what to do next. Everyone has a plan of action, all good, so we just can’t decide. We seem to be stifled by our options.
I hope we can get this hammered out before it’s too late.

Another recon week in Colm

We have had another few fruitful weeks in Colm, gathering information and planning our next moves. All the members of our company managed to do some excellent recon and we found out the names of all three of Crumple’s attackers. The Dwarf is named Grigor Stonebrand, the Human is Duncan Cumberland, and the Half-Elf is called Valgan Osgot.

Rosie has been more than a valuable source of information. Working in the Keep has its advantages as many important files cross her desk and she hears everything that passes. She told us that while the Silver Horns are technically acting under the law, they come very close to breaking it. She encourages us to gather witnesses of Crumple’s attack and find a way to prove that the attack was ordered if we want to serve justice to these men.

We request an audience with the Duke who agrees to our plans concerning the outlaw Horns, an also offers some work concerning the issue of Highgate. As he cannot be connected to the plans he tells us to keep an eye out for his messengers.

One night, late in an enjoyable week-Colm is in high spirits during the Harvest Festival and the Broken Sword is likewise-we heard a knock at the door and found 2 hooded figures are waiting there. Assuming them to be the messengers sent from the Duke we invited them in, and who should they be but Althus and my dear Rosie. They tell us about the Duke’s plan:

Apparently the Harl has been stockpiling supplies south of the Highgate. If those supplies should be confiscated or destroyed in a raid, their camp would be severely crippled. Perhaps we are just the raiders to make that plan work out…

—Bran Harvish

Excerpt from Ambose's Journal
A War of Words

We’re back in town and things are pretty quiet, despite Zadok’s best efforts to rile up the Silver Horns.
We spent a few days enjoying the festival. Ben, Kilja, and Sparrow tried their hands at area fighting. I had little doubt that Kilja would do well and I didn’t need the cards to tell me (but that didn’t stop me from making a few coins from those who do!)

Ben and I decided that we’d leaved town for a bit and check out what exactly Belloc has under his employ. Rubes. Absolute dolts.
I even managed to stumble into the camp and was let go with very little to do. This at least let us know what kind of riffraff we’ll have to deal with when Belloc does come knocking.

Zadok just won’t quit. Then again Bran just won’t ask Rosie out. Oh, those two…well three I guess.

So Belloc finally reared his ugly, wart-ridden, smelly head. He was at the Dryad’s rest and I don’t think either party was surprised to see the others. He bought us a round of drink, which we accepted graciously and sent him a finer set back. That seemed to ruffle him a little.

After a somewhat heated moment, we decided to bring the party back to our place, and Zadok did a fine job of making an ass of himself. I don’t think we’ll ever have the pleasure of having bar maids over again.

A knock at the door in the middle of the night! It was Rosie and Althus with gravely important news. The Jarl of Highgate seems to be setting up for all out war. It’s up to us to disarm his band of mercenaries and warmongers.

Excerpt from Ambrose's Journal
Harvest Festival!!!

I should have known. I should have known that Belloc’s men would not have left well enough alone. They tried to ambush us in the night, but we were too much for them. I guess that this mean war.

We’ve made it back to Colm, and it would seem that it is Harvest Festival time. I can’t wait to get some good cider and tell a few fortunes. Also, it will be good to take some down time to make some potions and other alchemical items.
Sarge is looking well. It would seem that he and Crumple have done quite a job in making a name for themselves here in town. Good thing they have got us to help them keep a reputation of stocking rare wares.

I’ve recieved my shipment of ingredients to make some burning essences. I’ve never made such a thing, but it was effective before so I must try.
While things are percolating and distilling I will join my friends for a rousing night of drinking.

Oh boy… It seems that Zadok has made the war declaration official. No doubt Belloc and his boys will take note of the “art” Zadok so carefully displayed.

Success! I have created alchemical fire! This will come in quite handy….


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