Desario Tomarson

Capt. Of the Broken Swords Co.


Desario was recently voted Captain of the Broken Swords Co. by the rest of the squad.


Born to Lord Tomar as a bastard son, Desario never knew his mother. His father only told him her name, Genovas, and that she had the voice of a siren. He grew up in his father’s lands as a bastard son, everyone knew this. He was constantly being taunted and ridiculed because of this. To this day he will fight anyone who refers to him as a “bastard.”

Desario grew up well off, knowing the finer things in life. He is accustomed to such novelties. Desario hates to be dirty. Certain days he will change clothes two or three times in order to feel clean. Whenever he goes to a new town he is always quick to make friends with the local tailor.

Desario had a love for animals at an early age. He would often keep insects, spiders and mice in small cages in his room. At the age of 9 he began to train dogs and horses at his father’s manor. He became famous for training and breaking horses. He has won several awards and titles for this practiced skill. He has since expanded into capturing and training other animals such as bears, badgers and wolverines.

When he was 16 his father passed away. Desario’s half brother, Evacco took over the lands and laid claim. Evacco hated Desario’s skill and talents, cutting him off from any inheritance of his father. Stripped of everything he once knew, Desario decided the only way to get fortune and fame for himself was to enlist in the army.

With his particular talent for calling upon nature he will hopefully be able to open his own training facility in the army for the sole purpose of training war animals of various kinds.

Desario Tomarson

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