Belloc Nethertwixt

Arrogant leader of the Silver Horn Company


Belloc introduced himself to the squad at the Dryad’s Rest Inn, in Colm. He was dismissive and condescending, bragging about running a successful, chartered adventuring company, while the squad looked like a band of refugees.

Since then, The squad has had run in after run in with the Silver Horns. There has been an attempted ambush in the woods east of Colm, an assault on Sgt. Crumple, and a few tense evenings at the Dryad’s Rest. Belloc is still cooly dismissive of the Broken Swords.

Update: Since working to get Belloc and the Silverhorns stripped of their charter, the squad rushed to challenge the now outlawed mercenaries. They easily cleared out the Silverhorn headquarters, but didn’t find Belloc. Once they tried to leave, they were ambushed by Belloc, some of his lieutenants, and members of Azerk Harn’s horde. It turned out that Belloc was secretly in the employ of Harn.

A brutal fight ensued, and the squad prevailed, but unfortunately Belloc escaped in the end.

Belloc Nethertwixt

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