Azerk Harn


Azerk Harn, also known as The Warlord, is the enigmatic leader of the mercenary army known as Harn’s Horde. No one but Harn himself is sure of his origins, but it’s common knowledge that he first showed up in Aerne a decade or so past. Marching out of the east, Harn and a small rag tag group of a hundred or so soldiers started selling their services to the various powers of Aerne.

Soon Harn and his men were in the employ of the Magisters of New Lyre. It was during this time that the Horde grew to become an army. The Horde was involved in minor scrapes with Drake, intermittent warfare with Morn, and help repel an invasion out of the south.

After six years of taking the Magisters’ silver, an undisclosed disagreement between Harn and his employers led the Horde to leave New Lyre, striking out for the east once again. They were not seen again until the same year the Imperium invaded. Harn accepted a contract with the city of Morn to help defend it from the new armies on Aerne’s shore. During the siege of Morn, Harn’s Horde inexplicably allied with the Consortium mercenary army fighting for the Imperium. Together they crushed the Imperium’s 4th legion, who had been accused of treason. Now Harn is in the employ of the Emperor in High Bastion, marching along side the 5th Army and the Tyrrius Consortium’s sellswords.


Azerk Harn

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