Ghost Wolves

To the Mountains

Onward once more to another adventure!

We have decided to pursue the “Seeing Stone” that Copperpot mentioned in his diaries. As the mountains were so close to Greenbriar we decided to take advantage of Zadok’s mule train and carry the various lootings we found among the ruins of the Briarstone Keep until we returned once again to Crumple and Colm. The locals have heard tale of a Seeing Stone atop one of the mountains beyond the forest but can’t say which mountain it is. I hope we won’t have to check every one…

Our newest destination is the Crag Break Mine. Reve Thorsen tells us we may find more information about the mountains from the miners. So off we went, following the Greenwash Creek to the foothills of the Teeth. Our travels were not so uneventful as they normally are.

Our second night away from Greenbriar we were awoken by a group of Orcs storming our camp. They were dealt with quickly enough and the rest of that night passed uneventfully. The next night however proved almost deadly, as Sparrow, Zadok and Ambrose fell ill of a horrible disease that I believe to be the Slimy Doom. By the next day Ben had fallen ill as well, and he and Ambroke took nearly 5 days to recover their strength. So it took us more than a week to reach the mines, but here we are at last.

Upon arriving we met a miner who told us he’s had some trouble in the mines as of late. One of the shafts has had to be shut off as they had dug too deep and disturbed some trouble beneath. Of course we can’t leave a challenge like that alone! We’ll rest in the barracks tonight. It may be the last time we have a roof over our heads and ale in our bellies for a long time.

—Bran Harvish



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