Ghost Wolves

To Colm!

With a minimum of distrust and fear, Ambrose has joined our party! Desario and fellows agreed his skills in magic and knowledge of the Skairn could be a benefit, though Ambrose has been warned that betrayal would result in death. But I do not doubt his honor; I believe we have strengthened our party and look forward to what he has to offer.

After successfully completing their mission with the Caenids, my team returned triumphant and laden with supplies and good words to bring to Colm, so we headed out and reached the town in only 3 days.

Despite some guards that put up some trouble, we were able to report to the High Guard and secure his faith in our company. We then retired to the Dryad’s Rest Inn where we were informed of the impending Bard’s Battle. Apparently participating in the match was the honorable and well-known Bard Orik Stevaldson competing against the newcomer, Jack O’Tam. An enthralling battle of tales was presented and despite all expectations of success going to Orik, I was shocked to see Jack hold his own against this master of story and song. All agreed that the match was a draw.

I attempted to meet this newcomer and acquaint myself with his fellows, but my mind was perhaps clouded by drink and the happiness of returning to a warm town, and I fear my natural charm went unnoticed. Another adventurer, a gnome named Belloc Nethertwixt, attempted to recruit us to join his party—or at least to extol the tales of his own adventuring crew. His assumptive and disdainful attitude did not impress the Ghost Wolves, and if he crosses our path again, I feel certain he will regret his unkind words.

Undeterred, our company looks to Fort Thorn in the morning, our quests in Colm fulfilled, and whatever adventures we may yet have, ahead.

—Bran Harvish



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