Ghost Wolves

Research and Recon

Ahhh, since dealing with the Horn has taken up so much of my time, I feel as though I haven’t had time to sit and reflect for 2 weeks! It feels good to take up ink and parchment once again. After defeating the Silver Horn crew we took some time in town to see if there was any word on where Belloc may be hiding now, as well as a closer look into the Covenant of the Coming Storm. We hoped we may be able to find a way to discern their hideout.

We met at the Wheel House in the poorer side of Colm and Sparrow went in alone to see if she could shake up any pro-human sentiments. We found a few of the CCS’s at a table, and she joined them for a drink. Zadok stirred up some trouble (as always) but it worked in our favor, as they felt the feigned kinship that Sparrow was exuding and gave her the address to their meeting place.

Some good news for the Broken Sword! While following up our successful mission at the Wheel House, we met a bright eyed young man, hoping to join our party. His name is Conrad and he looks to be a good fellow! A bit shaky and nervous, but anyone could feel that way locked in a bear hug by Zadok, or staring into Kilja’s eyes while she up-ends a horn full of ale. We have recruited him, and Ben is taking on the responsibility of his training.

Sparrow managed to gain some information on the CCS’s misdeeds. Apparently they are dealing in Moondust. They must be stopped immediately. I did some research of my own while she was away, and found more information on the Well of Stars. Apparently there are “Books of Power”-the repository of knowledge for Dal Riadan power. I would give my crossbow to spend an hour in that library!

Rosie visited headquarters to report and inform the rest of the Sword that she is indeed a part of the Duke’s intelligence operation. We let her know about our intentions with the CCS and she said that the citizens of Colm would be grateful if their anti-Elf drug operation was shut down. The Covenant had better keep an eye out for us!

—Bran Harvish



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