Ghost Wolves

lucid nightmares


The CCC’s flop house provided to be an interesting experiment indeed. Our groups agreement on the utter destruction of these lawless cretins seemed to dissipate when extended to the drug addled flunkies of the front room. Their disgusting reek and lack of any desire for reality or self control made them less than animals in my eyes; however I was disallowed by my compatriots to offer them the mercy of death.

Through the course of ridding this foul den of chaos of its foolish inhabitants Zaddock bumped into a table of their potent dust filling my air and space with it. Insanity attempted to overcome me as edges I knew to be straight blurred and creatures of Komori legend began to ooze forth from the walls to just to vanish as quickly as they had come. This was a bad day, even the glory of battle could not clear my head and I left for the compound as the party finalized the sweep of the building.

Sleep was not for me this night as the visions intensified Laurelyth spoke with me and attempted to help ease the distress but it was of no avail. Visions dripped from the edges of the room, and corners gave way to doorways to other realms as I tried to shut my eyes only to find the darkness teeming with nightmares and memories so vivid….

Breaking the fast of a particularly rough evening I came down stairs to see a particularly disheveled halfling eating at our table. “they brought another stray” I thought to laurelyth as I attempted to restrain my ill temper(poorly I might add) in greeting this new recruit to the broken swords.

Another mission from the Duke has been delivered, it is good to see this lull come to an end. We are off to Highgate to with any luck eliminate the Harl. Battle is again on the horizon, and I am ready to greet it sword drawn.




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