Ghost Wolves

Highgates and low aspirations

As we prepared to leave for Rosie approached our breakfast table with a map of Highgate and news of an ally under the sprig and ribbon. The party leaves 馬(uma) and myself in town to tie up a few loose ends with the enchanters and to finish enchanting my sash of grace.

On the ride I pushed 馬 too hard and began to notice flecks of blood and foam around his mouth so I dismounted and walked with him for a bit as I discussed the possible glory of the upcoming battle with laurelyth. My stomach fluttered with the anticipation of battle and I feel laurelyths lust for blood rise to match my own. Thank the gods for this vengeful spirit who has come to be my closest companion.

Entry of Highgate proves anticlimactic as we are disguised as merchants. Highgate is a tiered city, separating the nobility from the rabble (as it should be) I intend to meet with the tailor to the Harl to learn more of the craft I love, and perhaps to find access to the harls chambers.

That evening the Majority of the party (as is their typical plan) goes off to find the guards and drink with them while I remain at the Inn and ask the bartender of the history of Highgate and of its people as well as some of the arcane mysteries which Ambrose and I have in common.

As dawn breaks I leave for Bethas(the tailor) shop and arrive well before it opens to wait patiently as any apprentice should. upon Bethas arrival I persuade her to teach me of her craft, and she reluctantly agrees offering me some smaller tasks within the shop. This road appears to lead nowhere however and at the end of the day I thank her for the lesson and leave, eager to find out the news from the rest of the party.


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