Ghost Wolves

Eight Months Earlier....

pre-prelude, part one.

...Cpl. Sparrow, along with the mage, Pinch and the new local scout, Bran Harvish, are dispatched to the backwater town of Jent. Word had reached the Imperial Command at New Lyre that a plague had sprung up in the lumber and mining town to the east, and they dispatched this small squad to investigate. Assigned mounts and enough provisions to reach Jent, the soldiers set out on the seven day journey across the plains.

During the second night Pinch was bitten by a large, venomous snake that had sneaked up on the small gnome while she stood watch. Awoken by her cry of pain, the others jumped into the fray and quickly killed the plains adder.

Upon reaching the town of Jent, they soon noticed a large line out front of the local apothecary’s shop. Deciding they didn’t care to wait in line, they instead secured lodging and stables for their mounts. Once this was accomplished, they set to questioning the locals about the sickness. After talking to the innkeep, the local cleric of Iomedae and the sheriff, they soon decided to return to talk to Laurel, the herbalist.

At Laurel’s shop, Roots and Remedies, they confirmed the sickness was being caused by a nasty fungus, called Blackscour, in the town’s water supply. Once they offered to help, Laurel told them of a possible cure contained in her grandmother’s notes. She asked the squad to venture into the woods and hills to the north and seek out the rare ingredients. Laurel asked Pinch to stay behind and assist with brewing other remedies. The soldiers agreed and the next day traveled to the lumber camp to ask an expert woodsman where the ingredients might be found. Once he marked some locations on their map, they set off for the forest.



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