Ghost Wolves

Debrief 6

Now that we have our charter and our mercenary business is as legal as it can get in the Dalelands, I decided to finally relax and loosen the reins on my men. They have been hard at work at Desario’s Master plan, which was executed flawlessly.

Now, we’re back on track for our number one goal: Gathering supplies and allies.

I go to the group and ask what kind of mission they want. Ben is enthusiastic to find this lair of an old Bandit King which might hold a key to his own haunted problems, but with little to go on (Somewhere North of Colm) we must wait. I told him to gather more recon on this particular mission, once we have a locked down target I would be quite interested in exploring an old Bandit King’s hideout.

Bran had a good idea. Since we got the “Magical Triangle” from the canid tribes, several of our members have received some sort of vision on it. It seems there is a magic within it that is calling. So, we decided to get some recon on the triangle to see if we can pinpoint its origin.

Bran comes back with a name, Cheswick Copperpot, who actually resides in Colm. What luck. We go over to his house but find it empty. Bran decides to do a little old fashioned recon while I distract the neighbors.

Bran gathers recon. The magic triangle has some connection to an old ruin of a long lost tribe called the Dal’Riada. With a pinpointed direction we quickly regroup, gather supplies and head out.

Near the ruins we see an Ettin wandering aimlessly. Preparing for a battle I enlarge Kilja. She catches the Ettin’s attention, who then cowardly withdraws from the fight. Kilja showed superb prowess and steel reserve in the face of danger. Were I still able to hand out recommendations I would do so.

We find the ruins shortly after that, a musty rotting place that looks to be hundreds of years old. It interests most of the party a great deal. I am somewhat reserved in searching these old places. To me they signify only a means to an end, my chance for revenge upon the wolves.

We soon learn in a room filled with traps that Copperpot passed away. He left a lasting note about a trap he had not found. Bran was able to disarm most of the old traps in the temple, and even lay out a resting place for Copperpot. We say last words and then continue on.

After a few more rooms we encounter strange insects with a strange fungal infection. In the process of neutralizing said threat Zadok received a wound from the insects. The healers in the group are able to stop the infection but not undo the damage, only time will do that. Zadok braves his injury so we proceed through the ruins.

We find the eggs of said insects and proceed to neutralize that situation as well… with fire. Extreme fire.


Further into the chambers we come across a few valuables, a magical cloak or resistance and some other items which could either be useful or good for trade. We gather what we can and proceed.

Following a stream entrance we are able to go further into the ruins. Here an ambush was laid upon us by several tentamorts. Since they were on the ceiling the group became very
resourceful in defeating them. It is a good day when a leader sees the team working together like a well oiled machine. I feel a need for a nice cigar and to say, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Note to self: Must get cigars for said moments.

We come across a corpse in the tunnels that provide more valuables for us. A quick rummage and we proceed on.

Now we must head through a waterfall to an even deeper part of the cave/ruin area. We deploy as a unit and are currently proceeding through the lower levels.

Will convey more intel as it develops.


Just as a note of correction, the bandit king’s keep is eat of colm, there was no evidence linking copperpot’s ruins to the triangle, he was just the best source of info. And do you mean revenge for the wolves?

Debrief 6

Also, I love the cigar reference. Why not play up thay angle, since it’s pretty much the fantasy version. And steel reserve? Gross. It’s that like like low end, potent dwarven brew?

Debrief 6

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