Ghost Wolves

Sgt.s Log

Today, Zadok and Bran are trying to convince Diedro Talidrin to heed my threats to get out of town so I can report back to those slimy drug peddling assholes that he is gone so we can end this shit show once and for all. The plan is to keep him safe at HQ while we take care of the threat. We are successful in evacuating him from the city and we are now set up to complete the plan.
All went well and as planned as I entered the shit hole to report to those chumps that I was able to run Diardo out of town, and that set everything else up for the rest of the squad to execute the rest. Just as I am turning to leave, Ben kicks in the door, katana bloody as hell. Oh yeah, it’s on! As Ben enters, I turn and hurl that shit bag of coin right at that shit bags face. BINGO! Broken nose! As Zadok is in the midst of doing his crazy jumping, flipping shit, he bumps a table and knocks a bunch of that foul drug into the air. As one of the cowardly deals tries to run and leave, Bran lets loose his magic and holds that fucker in place. We take care of the rest of the fools in the room, including the coward who tried to flee. Ben, who is not in his right mind, suggests we kill the remaining addicts in the smoking room. I cannot abide killing helpless, sorry people and successfully appeal to his sense of honor by pointing out it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.
We continue on into the basement, where, given the information the dealer gave me, is where the ringleader of this operation is hiding out. Zadok bungles by falling straight into the basement on his ass. No worries, this shit doesn’t stand a chance. Kilja is wailing on the POS that runs this shit and Ben comes in and finishes the deal and drops him cold, dead. After a thorough inspection of this basement, we find a valuable assortment of paper and a contact who’s name is Holden Frye. Ben hands me a list of people who have been bribed by this outfit, some of the names are people tied to the Duke. We will investigate this further. We still have the top floor of this shit hole to clear.



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