Ghost Wolves


With what seemed sure to be the location of Briarstone keep my hopes rose as we left town for a way point known as Greenbriar from whence we would journey to Laurelyths former home. After a night of restless sleep in Greenbriar we set off towards the keep (Zadok crowing the virtues of his new mule train all the while).

upon arrival at the keep we decided to yell greetings to what seemed to be an fellow group of adventurers and were greeted with what seemed to be great warmth and hospitality “come drink with us” were the words of the starkly pale elf (whom I did not trust) and as we talked he offered to show me the keep after my continued questioning on the subject.

As We walked the staircase to the keeps tower his voice grew louder as if to silence the footsteps of someone above us, and as I listened I could still make out the heavy footsteps of someone. “Who is up there” I snarled just as i felt the bolt of his crossbow press into the small of my back…

“Come quietly” growled the stranger and as I resisted I felt his bolt tear into me and with a sick slowing of everything I realized I had been poisoned as my vision went black…

The sounds of battle awoke me from a sleep to deep to be natural and as I came to, I realized that battle must be my friends fighting for their lives and struggled fruitlessly. The poison finally cleared my system as Zadok tumbled in the room his form holding the same stranger immobile and as Bran untied me I was glad to see all of my compatriots alive and well, if a little scuffed.

My attempted Interrogation of the (albino)Drow proved fruitless, and as such I asked my companions to leave the room at which point I set to work preparing the rituals of the blood transcription through which I can learn the spells of a fallen enemy though it does require me to consume a pint of life blood. I asked once more If he knew anymore of the history of the keep and as he refused I set the spell in motion with the removal of his head. .

The keep itself was far more informative than the fool I decapitated for his insolence(no knowledge was gained through the ritual, disappointing.) with Laurelyths guidance we found many artifacts of her love and were given a solid foundation from which to begin the quest of avenging her restless spirit.…

—Beneki Oniwaka



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