Ghost Wolves

Attack on the CCS

The Covenant had given Sparrow a task: to kidnap a Half-Elf salesman in the marketplace and run him out of town. We used this excuse as her way in, though we took care to ensure the salesman’s safety by hiding him with Captain Desario and Crumple. The Covenant believed Sparrow’s ruse and allowed her into their house once again. Meanwhile we snuck through the back alleys and got ready for the attack

Ben killed the guard at the door of the Covenant’s hideout, then kicked the door down and we rushed in, ready to attack. Inside we found several of the Moondust dealers and tables piled high in the green dust that glowed weirdly in the lamplight. One of them tried to escape down a trapdoor, but I cast a spell that caused him to freeze in his tracks. We killed the rest before they could run away.

Beneath the trapdoor we found more tables with Covenant of the Coming Storm propaganda leaflets. It appears this may have been a room for scribes. Also on the desks we find some very useful information concerning the people who have accepted bribes. When we turn this into the Duke we can stop this Anti-Elf sentiment once and for all.

—Bran Harvish



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