Ghost Wolves

Excerpt From Ambrose's Journal

Depths of Dezkeden

It’s been a long time since I had written in my journal.

This last month in Highgate has been very busy. We’ve hardly had time to sleep it feels like. We managed to take out the Jarl, and reinstate the Duke’s rule.

Almost immediately we headed off to Drezkeden, but some of our less respectful members felt the sudden urge to pillage a burial cairn. Needless to say it was full of undead horrors. At least we cleared them out. Perhaps my ancestors will forgive me that trespass considering I helped eliminate some abominations.

Acclimating to Drezkeden isn’t easy. I don’t mean just because the air is thin. We are definitely the outsiders in this town. I really miss the warm welcome we get when we go to Colm. Here everyone is icy… again not just because of the climate.

Bran managed to infiltrate the Dwarven elders and with the help of Kilja, they let us know where the tomb of the Broadhammers.

What we found was not a welcome sight…or smell. It appears that a fissure in th earth led to the need for us to find the treasures within the tomb, but it is deep in troglodyte territory. The smell is sickening and omnipresent. I am not looking forward to a prolonged delve into this cavern of eternal stench. At least there are plenty of hearty dwarves to help us on this expedition, even if they do charge exorbitant rates. I hope we get what we pay for.



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