Ghost Wolves

Excerpt from Ambrose's Journal

The Setup

We are set to run the Covenant of the Coming Storm out of town. Sparrow has successfully infiltrated them and has passed along information for us. Apparently they are planning on driving out an elven heritage shopkeeper, Diedro. They aren’t friendly with him so we are going to inform him of their intents.
Zadok has a way with words… what kind of way, we’ll never define. He began by asking to see the most expensive thing he owned. Normally this would be a lead in to a robbery, which it seemed Diedro thought it was. Fortunately he finally understood our intent. We warned him that Sparrow and some of the Covenant’s boys are going to come by to “run him out of town.” We have set up for him to stay with us as we deal with the Covenant.
When the time came, all went according to plan. The guards were informed to let it happen and they did. Diedro left town and we scooped him up.
That night we let sparrow get in and once she gave us the signal we blitzed them. They were hardly ready for a battle. Most of them were out of their mind on an alchemical compound. I’ll have to take some for further study.
Now that we have a name and a list of people involved, we can kill this movement at the root.



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