Ghost Wolves

Excerpt form Ambrose's Journal

Now that's what I call a sticky situation!

I’m not really itching to go back underground, but at least this time we’re more prepared. Mentally and physically. Surely there must be more to this keep than a simple bandit’s lair… it’s so finely constructed, but I’m troubled by how remote it is. Could it possibly be from Dal Readan times? It doesn’t seem that old. Another mystery for another time I suppose.

I’ve never found the undead anything, if not unsettling. It’s unfortunate that we happen to know whose corpse it was that was attacking us, and also that we managed to give a final rights to. I don’t know how much Laurelith can sense about the world around her in this form, but for her sake I hope not much. I would think it too much to bear.

Sometimes it’s all I can do to keep my allies alive, let alone dispatch whatever is un-mending them so quickly. I’ve heard tales of the “corpse slime” or the “ocher jelly.” Frankly I always thought it to be one of the many boogeymen to teach us to be good and stay away from graves. I was wrong. It was all too real. What was truly horrifying about it was how whenever we seemed to find a way to actually do damage to it, it would split into multiple. How do you kill what you cannot dent? Fortunately I remembered that I had picked up some alchemist fire and acid. Although not the most effective, it at least softened the stuff up for my allies. I don’t see Bran that active in fights, but the little guy manged to get the “killing” blow on the ooze. Way to go Bran!

It would seem that we have accomplished as much as we can at the keep and Greenbriar, so we’ve decided that since we’re so close and so provisioned we should pursue the triangle. It’s not too far from here, but not specific where it is. It looks like we need to visit the mountains to learn more…



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