Ghost Wolves

Excerpt from Ambrose's Journal

Here we go Again!

We tracked down the lore of the Bandit King’s hideout to be just outside of a small town where the nightmares of what has happened at the keep seem to never end.

As far as we can tell the last activity in the area was about twenty years ago. The Reve of Greenbriar had apparently traveled to the keep to save his wife from a group of ne’er-do-wells that took to living in the ruin. He was ashen as soon as we mentioned that’s where we were heading.

We made sure to be cautious of anybody living in the keep as the reputation of the place leans toward the lawless. Zadok is not happy about leaving his Donkey trian behind.

Phew! It appears that there is another band of adventurers are out here looking for their own destiny. They are a welcoming lot, a rarity among adventurers. If only I had met us with these folks first… I probably wouldn’t have hada blade to my throat upon first Arrival! Ha ha ha!

Ben went off with the leader of the adventurers to get a tour. Hopefully he learns enough about the past of this place to be helpful. AND one of the lower ranks went with Zadok to help move his train to the pasture. What kind people!

Whoah! That was unexpected. I guess we were wrong about these people. When we thought that they were kind adventures wanting to share in kindred spirits, they were just thieves and brigands all along! At least we showed them what a REAL band of adventurers is all about. Land-Eater Style!

And if I sisn’t know any better, I would say that Kai was talking to me during that last fight. I guess we are just really getting into sync. Or have I become more in tune with the spirits of my ancestors?



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