Ghost Wolves

A new companion and a new task

While scouring the CCS’s drug house we found many dirty hoboes and one room that reeked of foul living, yet was trapped with flying darts containing a mild poison. Obviously we had found something of interest here. We found many fine treasures within this room (including a mithril vest!!) and clues that someone had been entering and leaving this room through the window. We laid in wait for whoever would come in through that window, and late at night, a halfling pokes his nose in and finds the sword waiting for him.

Luckily for this unfortunately smelling halfling, he is not associated with the Covenant. He had simply made his hideout among them. He uses his small stature and his disguise of a thick layer of filth, to blend in among the crowds and makes his money with secrets. I have a feeling he could be a good member of the Swords! I bargained him to give up the mithril vest in exchange for some honest work and a decent pay, he accepted with pride and I am proud to call him my new friend, Terk.

That night at home the loveliest Rose in all of Colm (perhaps in Aerne) came to see us and we gave her the list of names that we found in the CCS’s house. She was shocked to see that one of the clerks working in the Duke’s office, right alongside her, was listed as an informant. She looks so cute when she’s angry…

Nearly a week went by before Rosie returned and this time she brought along our “friend” Althus. This could only mean a new propositon from the Duke! Though we have our fingers in a lot of pots, the Duke’s service is our number one priority. Without his charter and his backing, we would just be a wandering band of miscreants, no better than the Silver Horns!

This new mission is right up my alley. This adventure will be strongly based in information and secrets. The Duke wants us to return to Highgate and try to connect with the Duke’s supporters who are living there in secret. There has been word that the Harl is planning to go to war against Colm and it is our duty to find out all we can and report back. We have been given a precious Scroll of Sending that will alert the Duke when it is time to attack. However, were we to stop the plan by taking down their leader, we could avoid the nasty business of war. Once more into the breach!

—Bran Harvish



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